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Hey Everyone,
Hope you're all doing well. I am feeling super fantastic today! 
This week our school is participating in I Love to Read Week. The theme is bears and we have got all kinds of great stuff going on, from bringing teddy bears to school to filling out bear trivia ballots. The kiddies are sure having fun and our school is really doing a great job at promoting literacy. 

As we are in the middle of a superhero unit, I was somewhat concerned as to how we could add a "bear" component to our theme! Love for literacy is certainly not an issue in our class! Reading and writing are definitely big staples in our daily schedule and I have the most eager readers ever! I couldn't be happier about that! Isn't second grade the best? Everything you suggest and present to them is exciting! 
I never hear... 
"Awwwwww!" or ""Not again!" or "Nooooo!" 
It's always...
 "Can we do that?" or "Yay!" or "I can't wait!"

Again, second grade rocks! Am I right people?!?! Well as I mentioned, I was feeling a little perplexed about this whole bear superhero business, until my s.t. Amanda and I brainstormed some ideas and found a really cute way to incorporate bears into our superhero theme! It's too cute! The kiddies have not finished yet, due to a wonderful performance (which I am getting to in a second) and so I will be blogging about it in the near future! Freebies will of course be a part of that post! :) Stay tuned!

We also have a wonderful African percussionist performing for our students this week. He was born on the Ivory Coast (can you see wow!) and has a Mayan father! He is a wealth of information about the African culture and brought about 30 tam tams to school. The students were beyond thrilled to take part in this activity and make beautiful music together! The room was absolutely energized and everyone, I mean EVERYONE was animated and smiling! What a great experience for all!

I thought, since many of you really enjoyed my spring and Easter units, that I'd let you know about two new units I've just posted on my TpT.  They are both beyond cute (at least I think so!) and are very useful to those of you who may be working on blends and digraphs with your students. I know that at this particular time of year, most students have mastered these skills, however I do have students who continue to struggle with digraphs especially, and some who would really benefit from practicing blends in order to better their reading. No such thing as a homogeneous classroom right?! These units are also really useful for remedial work or even tutoring. I love making my one-on-one time with students a little more fun and exciting! You can still review sounds, blends, 
and digraphs in an amusing and engaging way!

So here goes...
If you love to hit the dance floor, like me, you will definitely fall for this one!

This is what it's all about...

Break out your dancing shoes! This vibrant, colorful, and engaging unit will have your kiddies dancing with digraphs! Student will learn all about the "ch," "sh," "wh," and "th" digraphs while taking part in amusing literacy centers.
This package includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 alphabetizing center
- 1 bingo center
- 1 sorting game (records and jukeboxes)
- 1 matching game (memory)

If your anything like me and are a real of a fishy in the water,
 you will want to dive into this one...

Want some info about this one? Here goes...

Get out your scuba gear because we are going on a diving adventure! The treasures we will find are sea creatures and blends! Take your students on an engaging, colorful and fun trip under the sea to learn all about blends!

This 86 page unit includes:

- 5 center menu cards
- 1 blend and word ending game (create real and/or nonsense words)
- 1 memory game (find the words that have the same blend)
- 1 spelling center
- 1 create a sentence center
- 1 feed the sharks center (place the fish word cards in the correct shark stomach paying close attention to the blends)

Drop by my TpT Store and get a better look at Dancing with Digraphs and Blends & Bubbles

Hope you like em' as much as my other units!
Don't forget to keep a lookout for my superhero/bear freebie!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


  1. My school does the "I love to read" week, too! We actually call it BEAR week- standing for BE EXCITED ABOUT READING. Thought I'd share :)

    1. Oh my! Too cute and very fitting for what's going on in my school this week! Can't wait to share with the committee who came up with the theme!


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