Superhero Writer's Workshop Freebie!

Hello again,
Have I mentioned how much I love the second grade. Why? You ask. Well, because we get to do things like dress up as 100 year olds in the middle of February or wear superhero capes to work! I've also had occasions where it was perfectly okay, in fact it was required, to wear pj's to school!

Again, I love teaching the second grade and I love, love, love our superhero unit! The kiddies have been working on using quotation marks in their writing. 
Check out my superhero freebies post for a great freebie activity on that! 
They wrote some exciting stories (with quotation marks, yippee!) this week and I would like to share the stationary and templates with you!

I printed 3 different superhero body templates on card stock (several copies of each) and let them choose the one they wanted to trace on construction paper. I also gave them a cape template to trace. 

You can grab yourself a copy of these freebie templates along with the freebie stationary 
using the links below!

Stop by again soon!
Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


  1. Thanks for the templates. My school "theme" is superheros this year, so I will have to work these in somehow. Stop by my blog sometime.

    Twirlybird Teaching

  2. These are so CUTE! Looks like so much fun for your students!

    Have a great week!



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