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Hello Sweet Friends,
Oh, how I've missed you! I have been M.I.A. for some time now, as I have been busy with some non-teaching activities! Three bridal showers in one week! This is such a fun time for me! Summer is on its way and there are lots of great events coming up too!

Here's what you missed this week! 
Some students found an adorable cottontail bunny in the yard on Thursday!
My good friend and colleague Ms. Kelly took little "Kennedy," as we call him (our school is called J.F.K. Elementary), and brought him to the vet. She was informed that he could be released back into the "wild" (i.e. the field behind our school yard). She did so and the next day, the little rascal made a reappearance. This time, it was a little more dramatic! As I was outside on recess supervision, I noticed a large crowd of students form around a small area in the yard. I immediately thought someone was hurt. Thank goodness, all was okay! However, Kennedy was back, and he was stuck in the sewer! Yes the sewer! It was filled with leaves and mud, and there he was, sitting on top of all the "guck!" Our custodian was so kind as to spend 30 minutes trying to rescue Kennedy and thankfully was successful! He was once again released in the fields and hopefully will lead a happy and safe life!

Here's a pic of our little friend!

Isn't he just darling! I kinda wanted to keep him!

Now on to our ocean unit! My kiddies are really taking this seriously and have become enthralled with this theme! So much so, that one of my kiddos came to school and offered me these!

Amazing right! Sea creature gold fish crackers! 

They are so captivated by the ocean that we took them all on a field trip to the IMAX theater. We watched a film called The Last Reef. The kiddies loooooooooved it! I loved watching 50 little hands reach out and try to catch 3D jelly fish! 

Here's a picture of my colleague Ms. Khan and I looking absolutely stylish in our 3D glasses!

The kiddies got a real kick out of this!

Next on the ocean adventure agenda is a wonderful writer's workshop activity (it will prove to be very colorful and fun) that I shall post about soon. Freebie templates will of course be included!

We will also be making some sea turtles!

Can't wait to share some pics of our classroom. It is slowly turning into an ocean! We are having so much fun! If you are also in the middle of an undersea adventure and would like to add some centers to your theme, be sure to check out my Under the Sea Literacy Center Pack. We just finished up our centers last week, and the kiddies had a blast!

One last thought!!!!
My kiddies were asked to write letters on Friday. They were told that they could write to anyone! 

This right here is why I love to teach...

These moments make everything worth it! (this was pre-editing)

I'll be back soon with some pictures and freebies!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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