Summer Shenanigans!

Hey Everyone,
I'm back from a little summer hiatus. It's good to detach and recharge a little. 
It's allllllsoooooo great to blog and connect with all of you!

I wanted to share one of my best parts of Summer!
My trip to Vegas and California (with some of my favourite people of course)!

First, we flew from Montreal to Las Vegas for the second annual Teachers Pay Teachers Conference. It was great catching up with friends and learning new ways to make blogging, creating, and sharing better and more fun! 

Our annual Photo Booth session didn't get off to the best start! 
Leslie from First Grade Frenzy and I had difficulties managing our time in there!

This is by far MY favorite memento! It showcases our crazy, "all over the place," silly selves quite well. We did redeem ourselves with some great shots like the ones below.

You may recognize Valerie from All students Can Shine, Vera from The Tutu Teacher, Jillian from the Starr Spangled Planner, Melissa from First Grade Smiles, Aimee from Primarily Speaking, and Jaime from Bright Concepts for Teachers. Leslie from First Grade Frenzy, Deirdre from a Burst to First, and Molly from Lucky to be in First are in there too! Such awesome ladies and bloggers!!!!

When in Vegas, one MUST have a date and party with one's bestie/sister. And that my friends is what we did! Great dinner at Tao followed by some dancing!

After Vegas, I headed to California with my friends Valerie from All Students Can Shine and Reshma. We had so much fun in San Fransisco, Moneterey, Carmel, and Napa Valley!

Here are a few photos from San Fran!!!
We did all the tourist spots!! Hehehe!

Below you have a photo of Valerie and I expressing our sadness at the fact that the sea lions decided to leave Fisherman's Wharf during our visit. 

They were busy mating. 

We rented a yellow drop top Camaro and went to town! We drove to Monterey, Carmel, and Napa Valley. I must admit I am a true Cali Girl (not sure what I'm doing in Canada - where Winter is 6 months long)! I loved every minute of this trip!!!!!

The Beringer Winery did not disappoint! What a great experience!

Valerie started a wonderful tradition of posing for ridiculous snapshots of her and a map. We did this all over California. People stared, we giggled. It was great. She so graciously allowed me to make a guest appearance in some of the photos. I took it VERRRRRYYYY seriously.

The sillier the girl trip the better I say. 

We had a blast. It was a trip of a lifetime with some special friends. 
Leslie, Valerie, and Reshma are some of my favourite people. 

I couldn't think of a better group of girls to spend my vacation with!

Of course, our trip had to end on a bit of a sour note. We had a connecting flight and unfortunately our first flight was delayed resulting in missing the second flight. We had to sleep in the airport (not the first time I might add). It was not sooooooo bad though! It's the company that you keep that matters and I had some great company!

After a great trip and some rest I am ready to tackle a new school year! 
Can't wait to see what this year will bring us!!! 

How was your summer?!?!?!

Until next time...

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  1. I loved looking at all your pictures. It looks like you been really busy, but having fun. Thanks for sharing!

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