Ice and Snow Fun for All!

Good Morning Friends,
Today, in Second Grade we learned all about ICE & SNOW!

We started off by reading the information cards together on the SmartBoard. I like to practice oral reading and these types of activities are perfect for that! 

Once we had learned and discussed (in pairs), we went into small groups and wrote down some of our favorite facts. Then we made some Silly Snowflakes to go with our texts. I love this craft because it's simple and yet unique! The kiddies choose their own pieces and each snowflake turns out different!

Also included in this pack is a mini-book and some early finisher activities. These can also be used for morning work. My students LOVE mini-books and they come in handy during fluency practice (especially since we've already visited some of the words in the information cards). 

My favorite part about teaching Ice and Snow are the science activities! Last year we made rainbow sculptures and this year I added some "making snow" and "melting" experiments. I can't wait to try them out!

If you're interested in learning about Ice and Snow with your students click on the picture below!

If you want to dip your toes in the Ice and Snow theme grab my "Why is Snow White?" freebie to start. It's a fun predictions activity and a great way to engage students in this Winter theme.

Check it out HERE!



Wishing you all some Snow filled Fun days ahead!
Until next time...

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