Quoting the Kiddies

Hi friends, 
I thought I'd pass by today to share some funnies the kiddies have said in the last few weeks! There's nothing like hearing a little kid say something completely hilarious to put a smile on a teacher's face!

Let's get started!

1. The Nutritionist 

It was snack time. I always encourage students to eat a healthy snack since we eat at 8h45am. James took out a Bear Paw. I told him that a Bear Paw was a good choice for his desert at lunch and asked if he had a healthier snack. 

His response:

"But this HAS THREEEEEEE grams of protein!"

2. The Food Critic 

A student was celebrating a birthday and brought in treats. Nina finished her treat first and as she cleaned up I asked her if she'd enjoyed it. 

Her response:

"Yes, but my mom's cooking is better."

3. The Yoga Instructors 

I arrived early to pick up the students from physical education. They had been doing yoga and the teacher was wrapping up his lesson. He asked the class about the importance of breathing during exercise and said "First you inhale, then you..."

 The class response:


4. The Book Critic 

A volunteer came to our class to read to the students. After her read aloud she asked the students if they enjoyed the story. Sam had really enjoyed the read aloud.

His response:

"Yes! It was very relaxing."

5. The Reader 

A struggling student sat down with me for guided reading and started reading the book aloud before we started. I smiled at him and showed how impressed I was with his progress. 

His response: 

"Yep, I'm a great reader now. But I want you to know that some words I'm still working on."

I hope you enjoyed these cute little kiddie quotes! They sure made me laugh!

What are some funny things your kiddies have said to you?!?!

Until next time...

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