Beware of BigFoot!

Hi Everyone!
I know that many of you are almost finished the year! Woot! Woot! You must be beyond excited! We, on the other hand, still have until the 21st of June to learn. This year, we have decided to bring on the camping fun and have just begun our Camping Theme. 

I introduced the theme with some BIG news (we will be having an overnight "campout" at school), but not before I made them guess what our new theme was all about, while reading this wonderful read aloud. 

In this story, Timmy and Tammy take a walk in the woods and find a mysterious paw print. They begin to guess where the print came from. I purposefully did not show them the cover page, so that they can guess too! Needless to say, they were all very surprised to find out that Bigfoot was in town! I made this little story chalk full of structures and features, so that we could really look into that in our reading response. The kids had a great time and of course they wrote their very own Bigfoot stories too.

I was so proud of their creative writing. I have to admit that this has been a challenging year, but the growth and progress I have seen their academics, as well as socially, has blown me away. These kiddies are absolutely awesome and never cease to amaze me. I just can't believe how great my job is sometimes! So rewarding! 

I love our little forest! Bigfoot is not only REAL, but he has a whole family of sasquatches too! 

Here are a few pics of the follow-up activities included in these two packages. Each pack includes different activities. I like to have fun activities prepared for my early finishers and I also like to use them for morning messages or centers. Sometimes we even complete them as a whole class. I usually place them in an easy to find/reach basket and the students choose which one they would like to complete. I love giving them choices AND I love that they are independent and know what is expected of them when they have completed their craftivity.

You can stop by my Teacher Store to check out these packs and other Summer Units.

For those who are in their last few days of school.. Enjoy every moment with your kiddies!
And for those of you who still have quite a stretch to go... Hang in there!
Until next time... 

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