Halloween and some Updates!

Hello Sweet Friends,
 I know I have been M.I.A. Big Time. I just have been having a hard time keeping up! The beginning of the year is incredibly busy and it seems that every year I forget just HOW hectic it all can be! I needed a break from the whole cyber world and needed to catch up on all things CLASSROOM related. Now that I am feeling a smidgen less behind and stressed (I'm sure it will last all of mmmm what maybe 2 days), I decided to jump right back in!

I just thought I'd pop by and say HELLO and tell you about what I will be doing this week AND inform you of some updates I've made on some packs. I have soooooo much I want to blog about and can't wait to get back into the swing of things!!! But alas, today, I shall keep it short and sweet!

So this week the kiddies are going to have some fun writing STINKY POEMS!
I did this last year with my kiddies and they looooooooved it!

To sum it up, the students pick a halloween character and then pick words out of a bag (smells like, feels like, sounds like, wears, and makes you feel). The vocabulary is, of course, gross and stinky! That's the charm of the activity! The students, then write a poem about their character. You can also leave the words on a sheet and have them choose. I personally find the picking out of a hat process more exciting though! They get a kick out of it! We do it as a class and the words "Ewwwww" and "Yuccccckkkk" are often exclamed!

Check out my Stinky Poems HERE!

On another note, I had a veeerrryyyy productive weekend, which included changing my closet to my Fall and Winter wardrobe, going to my sweet little cousin's baptism, and updating some Fall packs (there was some correcting in there too)! Needless to say, I'm feeling good!

If you have already snagged these babies, feel free to go download the latest version! I spruced them up with some graphic and font changes as well as some extra activities.

It's all about writing some nice Thanksgiving stories, and maybe putting some turkeys in the oven! I may have included a cute little vowel sort game that involves cooking up some poultry!

These guys are so much fun! I love the whole disguise bit! Moustaches and all! The kiddies love to make them their own AND they love the Turkey Bingo. I also added a Draw a Turkey Poem. I go nuts for these cute little listening activities! I love how each picture turns out completely different from the next!

I also got to update my Jump in the Leaves Fall Craftivity!

These were sooooo much fun! The kiddies also loved being word detectives and using magnifying glasses to find the words on the leaves! FUN, I tell ya!

Fall JUST so happens to be my all time favorite season, so I tend to go all out!

Wishing you a Fabulous Fall week and Happy Hallowween!
Until next time...

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  1. I love your turkey craftivity! What a great idea, I am going to for sure add it to my wishlist!!! Thanks for sharing!



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