Halloween, A Sale and a New Unit

Hey Everyone!
Twice in one week, I must really be getting back into the swing of things! Just wanted to stop by quickly and let you know that I am having a sale tonight and tomorrow! Everything in my TpT store is 20% off! Grab yourself a treat!

Thanks again to Krista, over at The Creative Chalkboard, for yet another adorable sale sign. I am seriously obsessed with everything she creates!!!! What a talent!

Stop by my STORE and grab some great Thanksgiving, and Remembrance/Veterans Day packs! And much, much more of course!

I'm extending my sale to tomorrow too! I wanted to celebrate Halloween and the first day of Movember! 

Here's a little something I put together to support Movember! 

I looooove pretty nails!

I'm also going to wear my "STACHE" sweater that I picked up in London in July! I've been wanting to wear it for so long, but as it is a SWEATER, I had to wait a little while!

Here's a little glimpse at today! My Halloween costume cost all of 15$ and was a great hit! I must admit, I was in FULL character mode this morning and refused to speak! Apparently, I'm pretty good at the whole mime thing! Although, some students thought I was dressed up as a Parisian and didn't understand why I wasn't talking!!! HEHEHE!

What a fun day! The kiddies were so excited and their costumes were great! Now, tomorrowwwwwww, should be interesting! Exhausted, sugared up 7 year olds! Yipppeeee!

Ok last thing!
I just whipped this up and can't wait to use it with the kiddies next week! It includes a craft, a word detective activity, and a read aloud!

Sent it to my good friend Val over at All Students Can Shine to proofread and her words were: Perfect, I was wondering what to with the kiddies next week and now I know! hehe! I love having a bloggie friend close by! Along with Leslie over at First Grade Frenzy, I'm well surrounded. :):):):):)

Happy Halloween!
Until next time...

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