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Hey Friends,
Boy, does it feel good to be up and about. I tell ya, I was so sick this weekend and part of this week, I thought I'd never see the light of day again! I have never "marathoned" so many Christmas movies in one weekend. My mind was nowhere near ready for report card writing, prepping, and creating, so I took to the TV. Then, after two days of lying in bed and watching films, I GOT BORED! Still too sick, to do anything productive, I took to playing mindless seek and find games on the ipad (I actually really like those. Don't Judge!), and the best of all, I officially became PINTEREST HAPPY (well happier than usual that is)! Yep, I just about pinned every holiday baking recipe, education idea, and hair and nail tutorials the world wide web has to offer! If you're looking for a fun way to paint your nails for St Patrick's Day, I've got just what you need!

Well now that I'm feeling better, AAAAAND report cards are ALMOST behind me, I can do what I love, which is create for my kiddies and blog! So here goes!!!!!

Now I'm not sure if you are aware, but I live in Canada, where Thanksgiving falls in early October. Thus, our crafts have been made, the turkeys have been eaten, and the left overs are long gone! I have to say it is not as widely celebrated here as it is for my friends in the US, 
but I happen to LOOOOVE it!!! It's Fall, it's warm and cozy, it's family time, and it's about appreciating all that you have. I'll say it again, I LOOOOVE it! And, I also love turkey! Yummm!
So much so, that I couldn't just stick to one turkey craft, I simply needed two!!! 

This little guy is my favorite! He comes with the most entertaining activities. My kiddies loved putting the turkey word cards in the ovens!

You can check out this pack right over HERE!

My next turkey friends are hilarious! I'm so into the whole disguise bit! I love everything about it! It started off last year with this pack and I made it a whole theme at the beginning of this school year with my Students in Disguise Pack.

These guys are so much fun to make! My personal fave about this pack is the Draw a Turkey Poem! My students looooooove the poem!

You can check out this pack right over HERE!

One thing I was thankful for this year, is all my new friends in the blogging world! To show my appreciation, I have a little freebie for all of you!

My students love to put sentences in order! And of course, any chance they get to break out the markers, makes them happy, happy! 

Grab this quick little activity right over HERE!
It's a great morning work task.

Until next time...

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