Green, Green, Everywhere!

Good Morning Sweet Friends,
I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday morning! I certainly am! The sun is shining bright, through my window and I am blogging! Fun, fun, fun! I just wanted to pop by and tell you all about our wonderful week back from Spring Break. I spent the week off, in Mexico, which was REALLY nice! It was also nice to get back to class and spend time with the kiddies (being back in the cold and snow - NOT SO NICE, though). We had a great time reading, writing, and creating. This week's theme was, of course, St. Patrick's Day!

We got a lot done, including a read aloud, a writing activity, a craft, AND a listening activity!
I love finding new and fun ways to practice and assess comprehension, and my Draw a Leprechaun poem was just the thing!

Here are some more pics from our week!

First, we read a story on the Smartboard, about Lucky the Leprechaun. I also printed the story and placed it in a folder, for our classroom library. The kiddies love referring back to it. 

Then, the students became illustrators! I gave them a black and white print version of the story and we reread it as a class. We highlighted some new words and vocabulary too. 

Click on the picture below to check out this package!

After familiarizing ourselves with the story, we moved on and created our own!
I usually model writing with them, but decided to complete an anchor chart this time. Of course, there was a craft! It's always a popular activity!

Finally, on Friday, we took it a little easy. After all, we had worked hard all week! I read my Draw a Leprechaun poem and the kiddies let out their inner artists! 

Click on the picture below to check out this package!

Here is a photo of last year's bulletin board! I absolutely love it!

Now if only we could start to see some green OUTSIDE too!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Until next time...

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