Happy Birthday Earth!

Good Morning Friends,
I just wanted to stop by and share what we will be talking about next WEEK in Second Grade!

That's right! We will be celebrating our beautiful planet and learning about ways to better protect and take care of it. 

Here's a little post about my NEW Earth Day Package!

I always love to start by going over the information cards. There is a sample of one pictured above! You can also check out more in my picture preview below.  I display them on the Smartboard and we read them together. I also make color copies and laminate them. The students like to reread the fact cards on their own and enjoy using them as resources during other activities. 

After we read the fact cards, we usually write about what we've learned. 
We also make a craft to display with our writing. 

We like to use our new knowledge and complete some activities that test what we've learned. True or False questions, Word Scramblers, AND some Good/Bad for the Earth activities make our learning engaging and meaningful. This pack even includes some math fun!


I like to leave the read aloud for last but it can definitely be used at any time! The reason I share it last is because my students love to bring it home and share it with their families. We read it together and they read it on their own. We also underline important theme words. 


I cannot wait to get this started in my class! I'll be back with pictures of completed work. 
Check out everything included!

Click HERE to check out this pack!

Until next time...

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