Word Problems for the Year

Hi Everyone,
Today, in Second Grade we worked on some word problems in math.

My students LOVE math and they are great problem solvers.

We have learned so many different strategies this year and now they can use a variety of ways to solve their math problems. 

I created a Focus Wall for them to refer to and it's really helping them find solutions to problems on their own. You can check it out HERE!

I like to go over a similar problem first on the Smartboard. Students use their white boards to solve it themselves and then I share some of the better strategies that were used with the whole class. 

This pack includes more than one sample for each type of problem so it makes modelling and then completing a problem independently very easy!




This pack includes 110 PROBLEMS!

There are 5 basic facts problems, 3 double-digit without regrouping problems, and 2 double-digit with regrouping problems for each of the following categories.

JOIN Problems
- result unknown (10)
- change unknown (10)
- start unknown (10)

- result unknown (10)
- change unknown (10)
- start unknown (10)

- whole unknown (10)
- part unknown (10)

COMPARE Problems
- difference unknown (10)
- bigger unknown (10)
- smaller unknown (10)

Click HERE to find out more and to sample some problems!

Until next time...

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