October Activities

Hi Everyone!
Today in Second Grade, we started some of our October Activities!

1. Fall

I am in love with everything Fall! The leaves changing is my favorite so I made this craft a few years back and still love to bring it back out every year.

I mean (insert heart eyes emoji here)!

I do a lot of choral reading and fluency practice in the Fall because it helps my struggling readers. Once we've read a text a few times aloud they often feel comfortable enough to try and read it on their own. It's so important to read aloud and model fluency for students. 

This pack comes with a great little story to project on the Smartboard. The kiddies love it and of course it's GREAT for fluency practice!

It also comes with writing stationary and these adorable crafts! 

2. Monsters

I love, love, love MONSTERS! It's a such a great theme to use for character description and creative writing. In October, we talk a lot of character and setting description. I use my Narrative Writing pack to introduce the topics and we do a lot of activities to practice. I expect my students to add details in their writing and this is always a good place to start.

I like to start off by talking about the different components of character description: physical traits, personality traits, and actions, thoughts and words. Then we practice! I like to use white boards because we can transition from one step to another very easily. I also have worksheets in my Narrative Writing pack that we can use to practice describing characters. 

Then we write monster letters describing our monsters to the recipient of our letters!


3. Halloween

My absolute favorite thing about October is HALLOWEEN! I'm obsessed! 
My absolute favorite Halloween activity are my STINKY POEMS!

This is by far the funniest and stinkiest activity we do all year. 

We also have fun writing spooky stories and creating other creepy Halloween characters.

Some other skills we cover in ELA in October are Book Summary and Meaning in reading response


Lots of fun things to look forward to this month!
Until next time...

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