Chinese New Year

Good Morning Friends, 
I'm super excited because February is such a fun month!

First off, my birthday is coming up! YAY!
Then there's the Winter Olympics, Valentine's Day, 100th Day, Black History and also...

This pack includes a Five Day Lesson Plan Guide to make this an easy prep for you and to guide you with your instruction! 

Day 1

I ask students to share what they know about Chinese New Year and then we read a mini-book about it. I take advantage of this activity to practice fluency. I read the book to the class first, then we read it together and finally students read it with a partner. 

They love using mini-books for shared reading because they often learn new things and my struggling readers are often able to read the book on their own after a few reads together. This makes them feel proud and helps them see themselves as readers. 

Day 2-3

It's time to delve deeper into the celebration of Chinese New Year. I display the different information cards on the Smartboard (I also make a few hard copies and have the iPads ready with the cards on them too). We read as a class again and fill out our graphic organizer. 

Day 4

We discuss what we've learned and go over Chinese New Year vocabulary with our word wall. Then we brainstorm ideas for a great narrative writing piece about a Chinese New Year celebration!

Day 5

It's finally time to put our knowledge to the test! We discuss once again all that we have learned and then we complete some fun activities to celebrate Chinese New Year as a class!


This is such a fun unit! I love that the students are practicing fluency, comprehension, non-fiction writing, and narrative writing. It makes for a great week of language arts instruction!

The pack comes with more detailed lesson plans and is very easy to prep and use!

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