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Dear Friends,
                    I must say I am feeling slightly saddened by the fact that this is my last day of Holiday Vacation :(

 One thing that certainly makes it all better is that I miss the kiddos, the routine, and teaching! I'm also feeling a little better since Deanna over at First Grade and Fabulous AND Annie from Awsome in 1st both nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award! Thank you to both these lovely ladies (and great teachers from the looks of their blogs!). My second award in 1 week WOW! Definitely feeling the love! I also love that many of you are commenting on my posts! Thanks! It's great to know so many of you are stopping by! :)

The Rules

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. 

Thank you again to Deanna First Grade and Fabulous
and Annie at Awsome in 1st 

2. Tell 7 things about yourself.

1. I have always enjoyed teaching and one can find old photos of me playing "teacher" as a little girl. You can also ask any of the (now grown up, Yikes! what does tha make me!?) children I babysat along the years about "playing school" with them! Despite all these wonderful memories and clear signs that teaching was definitely the job for me, I wanted to become a lawyer (REALLY!!!). In fact, I was accepted to a law program at a french institution in Montreal but decided on attending McGill University (in Education) instead! As soon, as I completed my second field experience, I knew teaching was what would make me happy!

2. This is my 6th year teaching. I taught a special education classroom for three years. I worked with children who had difficulties with behavior and learned a great deal from this assignment. Although, I have now returned to the mainstream, I think about my former students often. It is a completely different setting and the relationship you build with your students in special education is wonderful. I spent my entire day with my students and was the main teacher (alongside my behavior technician, who is amazing and who I miss very much!). I have gone back to visit my former colleague and my students twice already! Although I miss everyone very much, I know that returning to the regular stream was the right choice for me and have been over the moon with happiness since beginning at my new school!

3. One of my favorite "autonomous" hobbies is reading. I read everything from the classics to Shopaholic, to Twilight, to Dean Koontz and James Patterson. I cannot choose a favorite book, it's very rare that I dislike a book that I've read (aside from maybe Eat, Pray, Love... I'm sorry I did not "find myself" reading it nor did I think it was very interesting! Again, sorry to those who may have truly enjoyed it, it just wasn't for me!) As soon as I put a book down, I pick another one up! I fall in love with the characters and sometimes can't wait to get home from a party to read my book! I sometimes laugh, and even cry when reading a good book. There's nothing like a candlelit room, rain tapping on the window, classical music playing and a good book to read! I also love to bake and scrapbook. I love to be creative and these are two excellent outlets for that! I also like pretty things and to put smiles on people's faces. What better way than a homemade card (which a friend has gotten me into creating recently and which I have become addicted in doing!) or a delicious cupcake!  

4. I love to work out. Crazy right?!?! I always have, I simply had put it aside the last 3 years due to the nature of my classroom (very stressful and exhausting) and the fact that I was tutoring and completing a graduate degree in the evenings. I had forgotten how great it feels after a good workout and how much I actually enjoyed it (as opposed to dreading it, which was how I felt every time I attempted to go to the gym during those 3 busy years!) Now that I have graduated, have a somewhat less stressful job (let's face it, teaching will never be a no stress environment!) and am at a stage in my career where I am really confident in my teaching and what I do in my classroom (I find it takes a few years to truly find yourself as a teacher, we keep learning and changing for the better. It's easier to do that now!), I can finally reinvest some time into myself! I returned to the gym (seriously) mid-September and have been loving all the great results. My next step, YOGA! 

5. I have found a new love! Traveling! I have a great friend, who is a wonderful travel partner (not always easy to find, I've had some less than desirable ones in the past!) and we have gone on some great trips together! In fact, we are planning a dream trip to Europe this summer! Although I have traveled in my younger years, I am glad to be seeing certain places (especially in Europe) at this stage in my life as I can truly appreciate the culture as opposed to maybe spending my trips lying on the beach all day and partying (as I probably would have preferred when I was 18!). Although, I have not completely given up on lounging on the beach while on a vacation!

6. I marathon television shows. Yes it's a sport! I do not have the kind of lifestyle or schedule that allows me to tune into shows weekly/religiously on the night and time that they play (and noooo, as oppose to every other person on the planed, I do not own a TiVo either!), so I buy DVD box sets and watch episode after episode. I get into my "marathons" and can watch up to 5 episodes in a row! I also do this because I have no patience to wait 7 days or an entire summer to find out what happens next! I know, shame on me! Don't worry, I have plenty of family and friends and for the most part spend my life outside the four walls of my bedroom! I enjoy spending time with family and friends and love a night out! I just also sometimes love a  night in with some joggers, popcorn and Dr. McDreamy! Some of my favorite shows include Grey's Anatomy (of course!), Vampire Diaries (never thought I'd get into a show like that but I'm hooked!), Gossip Girl, 
The Tudors, 90210 etc...

7. I am very ambitious, especially when it comes to my profession. I am constantly trying to find new ways to better my teaching. I want to make a difference and spend A LOT of time (as anyone who is reading this probably does too) on creating materials, researching strategies, and finding ideas. I have only been on the blogging circuit for a short time, since August 2011 to be precise, and can honestly say that it is one of the best sources for ideas. It is absolutely changed me as a teacher and helped me find the most creative ways possible to teach my kiddos! We have some pretty exceptional teachers out there! It is absolutely incredible to see! The sense of community is also so rewarding. Let's face it, only teachers understand what teachers go through and only teachers understand how exciting it can be to find a great storybook to go with your lesson, or a great deal on stickers at a store! I often walk out the building wearing a sticker on my hand or a cheerios necklace around my neck because it's 100th Day, or part of a costume because it was Superhero Day, and people look at me funny because it's a Tuesday in the middle of March! Only teachers fully understand! 

Here is a list of some fabulous teachers who understand and have a lot to share!

So here goes...

I know I keep mentioning the first two, but if I do it, it's because the rewards of following them are bountiful! The others are just as worth the visit!

Mrs. Leslie over at First Grade Frenzy

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Mrs. Cockrell's Mrs. Cockrells Class 

Have fun stalking these fab teachers and stop by shortly for my Candyland Word Wall and Word Folder Freebies! I have also decided to include healthy foods in my unit and thus, these will also be included in the freebie!

Take Care! Ms. Nicole

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