Award Season Is Upon Us!

Hey all,
            If you're anything like me, you enjoy watching the award shows with a great big bowl of popcorn! I love music and films and won't deny that I enjoy watching all the red carpet moments as well! I have always wanted to throw an award party, and think that a classroom is a great place to do so!

You can check out my Celebrity Literacy Unit, which covers acting, singing, and sports. 

It is a great unit to take up during award season (or any other time during the school year) and you can close it with a great big party! They have wonderful accessories at the dollar store, as well as the party shop. Everything from red carpets to awards and V.I.P. passes to make your unit and party as festive as you wish!

This is a 71 page literacy unit based on the "Celebrity" theme. Students will enter the world of sports, music, drama, and much more! Students will perfect their skills in reading, writing, phonics, and vocabulary through engaging and colorful activities and games.

The unit includes:
- Celebrity word wall
- Celebrity word folders
- 4 celebrity centers (including center menus for the students)
- 2 celebrity games (word building and vowel sounds)
- 10 page celebrity shared reading activity (with instructions)
- 3 celebrity writing prompt sheets
- celebrity of the week pack (includes 4 activities and letter for parents)
- 2 celebrity word wall games
- bulletin board ideas (pictures)

All printable activities include wonderful graphics and great fonts! The students will love talking about their favorite celebrities and will feel like stars themselves!
I did this unit at the beginning of the school year and my kiddos loved it!

Your kiddies will love it too and you will especially love that it is on SALE!

Check out my teacher store and have fun during award season!

Ms. Nicole xo

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