New Look, New Products, and Some Major Updates!

Hello Everyone, 
I have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

In the last couple of weeks, I got a "blogover," made 3 new packs, and updated five others!
Sometimes, I look at my older work and cringe! We obviously improve our skills as time goes by and I like to update as much as I can! 

Here are my two latest packs!
I CANNOT, I mean CANNOT wait to use this with my students! It's full of information and fun activities that will teach them all about Winter Sports and the Olympics. They are going to looooove it!

Join the Olympic Fun and check out this pack right HERE!

I am right in the middle of working on this pack with my second graders and, let me tell you, they are so engaged and working hard! I love how some of my reluctant readers are feeling comfortable enough with the story to read it on their own and even out loud to the class. 
(we tend to read it often as a class, so they have become very familiar with it)

It's filled with comprehension questions and reading activities, which is what we have been focusing on this past week. I cannot wait to get to the writing activities and to see the finished product! Blog post to come shortly about how I have been using my The Great Big Sneeze Read Aloud Pack!

Grab it HERE!

I also had to make these cute little mice! I couldn't resist! I initially wanted to make them for Christmas, but felt I wouldn't have time to complete them with the kiddies (I already have quite a few Holiday Crafts), so I decided that we can use them for Valentine's Day instead!!!

I love them, and the kiddies are going to go nuts for the birthday bows! Have I mentioned, I like bows!!! That's why they are all over my new blog design too!

Check out this pack HERE!

And... Now for the updates!
It's such a great feeling to improve some of my favorite packs! 
If you already own these products, be sure to download the latest version!

First up, my Love'Bot Craftivity! It was a great hit last year and I can't wait to do it again this VDAY!

Check out the NEW and IMPROVED version HERE!

We had so much fun learning about peace and friendship with this craftivity. We also read a storybook about Jackie Robinson and talked about what it means to be teammates. 
It's sure to be a hit again this year!

Check out this character education/black history pack HERE!

Next up, one of MY ALL TIME FAVORITES... STUCK a Leprechaun Craftivity!
Oh, my goodness, the stories my kiddies came up with for this one were amazing!

Check out this sneaky guy, right over HERE!

I also updated my Prince and Princess Craftivity and my Rainforest Unit

Get the updated pack HERE!

Check out the latest version HERE!

Well, I think that's all for now!!! Been hard at work for some time and now it's time to have some fun!

Don't forget your name and email :)

Until next time...


  1. Ahhhh… Love the rain forest one :)

  2. Wow! All of them look wonderful! Hoping to be a lucky winner!

  3. Oh wow! Tough choices!! These all look great! I'm going to tpt to investigate further! You are so dang creative!!!

  4. Oh! I love everything!

  5. These are all great. I love the Olympic one and I think the Sneeze one is great too. I want them all; just wish we had time to make them all. You are so creative.

  6. These all look great!! I really love the Rainforest Fun and Stuck!!! I hope I win!!! Thanks for hosting a contest!

  7. Love how colorful they look. I especially like Winter Olympics and Rainforest Fun. Your new look is great! Maria

  8. Hi Nicole - I found your blog through TpT. You were on the featured sellers part of the front page and your craftivities jumped out at me! I LOVE your style and how your products are not just the craft part, but filled with other resources, as well. I'm following your store and your blog. Adorable makeover! Can't wait to read more about your classroom fun. ~ Lisa


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