Back to School Survey Fun

Good Morning Friends,
The time is fast approaching for Back to School. I don't start for a little while longer but I know many of you are already back in the classroom! I got these amazing dice in Vegas (believe it or not, they were impossible to get in Canada) and can't wait to use them ALL. THE. TIME.

I decided that their first use should be for Back to School and that I should also make it a FREEBIE! 

I like to ask my students a lot of questions, especially in the beginning of the year. The more we know about our students, the better we can teach them and ensure a positive successful year for all. 

I plan to use this particular little activity in the first few days. I will place the students in groups and have them take turns rolling the dice. I'll walk around and jot down notes based on their answers and discussions. Then, I'll use what I've learned to help guide some of my teaching throughout the year. 

Some questions included in this freebie are: What do you want to learn about this year? What would you like from your teacher this year? 

I have also included a hard copy of the survey for those of you who would prefer paper and pencil. 

You can grab a copy of this FREEBIE right over HERE!

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Have a GREAT year!
Until next time...

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