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Hey Everyone,
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Gilmore Girls

Mmmm... Is there some kind of group I can join? It seems like every year around this time, I find myself re-watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls. Why, you ask? Beats me! I just love those two girls (mostly because I am just as nuts as they are AND I love to eat just as much as they do). 
I also love that small town and the fact that it seems like it's always Fall on that show! 

Did I mention the eating?! HeHe! And... The constant babbling...
The show was made with me in mind. That is all...

2. The Wand

Ok... My friends and I are obsessed with the curling wand. It is the first time in, well, EVER that I can create waves and curls myself. AND... It actually looks good!!!! It's incredible and get's incredibly hot but I love, love, love how pretty it makes me! Hehe! 

There was a little mishap, back in September, when one second grade teacher may or may not have burned her cheek! Oh, boy! Thankfully it healed and all is good!

3. Overworked and Overtired

So we all know we are super passionate about our jobs and devote hours, upon hours, for our kiddies. I love every minute spent creating and planning to make sure my kiddies have a fantastic day EVERYDAY. 

I also love sleep. 

And lately, there has been more of the working than the sleeping and it's catching up to me! 
Good thing I am off to a cottage this weekend to relax and spend time with some fabulous people (equally as Lorelei and Rory "like" as me)! 

That was a little side note for my Gilmore Girls loving friends ;)

4. BB Committee

I think I have mentioned a few times that I am a founding member and second half of our school's Bulletin Board Committee. We go by BB Committee because we're cool like that. 

We had made a beautiful, bright, green tree for our front entrance and now it has welcomed Fall.

5. Halloween Centers

We just wrapped this up this week and we had soooooo much fun!
Click HERE for a blog post about how I organized these centers in my classroom.

You can check out my Haunted Halloween Literacy Centers right over HERE!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Gilmore Girls!! I wish I was a witty as them! I was so excited that they are on Netflix now I put them in my Five for Friday a few weeks ago too!! I miss that show, it was definitely a good one!! I'm glad to know that other people share my obsession!


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