Stinky Poems

Hello Everyone,
How was your Monday? Mine was, well STINKY! Yes, your read right! STINKY! 
We had soooooo much fun writing Stinky Poems today. 

First, we started off by picking gross, stinky, disgusting words out of our Frankenstein heads.

The words were meant to describe different aspects of our Halloween character. The students had the choice between a Werewolf, Frankenstein, a Witch, and a Vampire.

Would you like to take a guess as to which character was the most popular!!!!???? 
The Werewolf was all the rage and won by a landslide! 

So, after picking their character, students picked words out of 6 Frankenstein Heads (love the Dollar Store). One to describe the character, one to describe its attire, one to describe what it smells like, one to describe what it feels like, one to describe what it sounds like, and one to describe how it makes the student feel. 

The kiddies had soooooo much fun picking the words out and 
"EWE" and "YUCK" were exclaimed all morning long! 

This was such a great way to review synonyms and learn some new vocabulary. 

After we filled out our sheets, we recopied our poems and completed our crafts. 
Here  is the finished product and a taste of some of our Stinky Poems!

Click on the pictures to enlarge and read the poems!

You can find my Stinky Poems Halloween Craftivity right over HERE!

Until next time...


  1. That is such a cute idea! Love it. And...what would we ever do without dollar stores???

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the Frankensteins and your project! It's a great way to get the kiddos to use sensory words!


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