The Magic Crayons

Hi Everyone, 
           Just thought I’d pop by and tell you all about the MAGIC that has been happening in our classroom! We spent a MAGICAL first month of school with my Magic Crayons Pack! The kiddies had a blast, and well, so did I! 

First we read the Read Aloud on the SmartBoard. It’s all about a little girl who finds a box of crayons on her way to school. At recess, she decides to color with them and to her surprise they are MAGIC! With the use of each crayon, she travels to different places! 

After the read aloud we illustrated the story during shared reading and highlighted all the color words. It was a good review. We also learned about the different places the little girl travelled too. That was loads of fun! 

I love shared reading because we practice fluency AND due to the constant rereading, many of my reluctant readers gain confidence. It's great!

We also had a great time walking around the room looking for color words. Read and Write the room is one of our favorite activities. Then, we filled out a book about colors. 

One morning, the kiddies came and found a bag of magic crayons on THEIR DESKS! They were asked to draw a magical picture with their crayons. They ate this all up! They still ask if they can use their magic crayons to color! 

You can grab a FREE copy of the labels and the 
worksheet right HERE! 

Here are some of their MAGIC CRAYON PICTURES...

Neato, Right?!?!

Now it was time to write our own Magical Stories. This is the one we wrote as a class.

The students then wrote their own stories and made a craft! They are so stinken cute! I can’t take it!!!!!

Finally, we completed some Magic Literacy Centers. We played memory, completed a word search, placed words in ABC order, wrote more stories, played bingo,  and answered comprehension questions. 

You can check out my Magic Crayons Read Aloud, Craftivity, and Mini-Unit pack right over HERE

Until next time...

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