A New Elf in Town

Hello Sweet Friends,
I hope you are all feeling wonderful today! Can I just say, I'm loving blogging about the fun stuff happening in our classroom and I'm also loving the background noise: Looney Tunes... HeHeHe! Am I the only one who enjoys a good cartoon?!?! I mean I appreciate the throwback kinds... Brings me right back to my childhood! 

You will never believe this but we received a package from the North Pole. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Our school secretary informed us that it was dropped off at the office and the box was FRRREEEEEZZZZING cold. Must have just arrived from the North! 

You'll never believe what was inside!!!!

Candy of course! AND a letter from Santa! We couldn't believe it! Santa himself wrote US a letter!

He also sent us an elf!!!! A mischievous elf at that. He keeps making messes and writing funny things all over the SmartBoard. Look what he did to one of our Second Grade Banners (those are editable by the way and you can find them over at Jennifer's shop - FirstGradeBlueSKies)

He's a real pest but we love Cookie!

Santa also sent us these awesome elf profiles. We got to learn all about some of the elves who live in the North Pole. It's all so fascinating!

After reading all about our funny little friends, I decided we just had to make our own elf profiles! 

Check them out!

We had sooooooooo much fun! 

I have seated my two enriched students together because they really work well together and are able to challenge each other in a constructive way. Look what they came up with! Twin elves! 

The kiddies really added personal touches to their elves. It was great fun!

I just CANNOT believe how much fun we are having! 
Christmas in the Classroom is just about the best thing EVER! 

Check out the Elf Profiles Pack HERE!

Happy Holidays!
Until next time...

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