ClassDojo in the Classroom

Hello Everyone,
Today I want to talk to you about ClassDojo.

It's a great FREE tool to use in any classroom 
(especially those with a Smartboard) to help keep track of behavior management.

Here is a little rundown on how and why I use ClassDojo.
I keep the tab open ALL DAY and maximize and minimize as needed. 
Sometimes, ClassDojo is up on the screen for a period. Sometimes, I have to minimize it to show something else but it's ready to go if I need to give or take away points. 

First, you must create your class. Very simple, click on create a class, title your class (your name, group number,  favorite ice cream flavor, whatever suits you best!) and then type in all the names of your students.

Voila, you have a class!

I used a DEMO class for these photos. It's created by ClassDojo to help you practice and play around with the features.

Once you have set up your class, you can create behaviors that you wish to reward and others that need work. You can use the ones that are already provided. You can delete the ones that are already provided. You can add as many as you like and be as specific as you like.

 In fact, the more specific the better!

Now you can start using class dojo!

Now that we know that Halle Berry is absent today we can get started! 

There is a specific sound played each time you add or remove a point. This alerts students to either continue what they're doing or perhaps make a better choice. All that without having to say a word. 

This limits distractions and constant interruptions. 

You can award students individually or you can award a group. If your students are working in centers or they sit in a group then you can award that group all at once! 

You can also award the entire class a point at once. 

You can also monitor how many class points have been earned. When the class earns a certain number of points you can have a group reward.

The same can be said for individual students. At the beginning of the year I reward the students each time they reach 10 points. After September, I reward them after 20 points. After Christmas, we move on to 30 points. When students reach required points you reset their bubbles and they restart at zero.

The best thing about ClassDojo is that parents are involved. They can see how many points their child has earned or lost for the day and why. The more specific you are with your behaviors the less questions you'll receive about those behaviors! You can also send reports home showing data.

You can also communicate with parents directly!

You have the option to send a message to ALL parents or simply message one parents privately and directly. This has made my life so much easier! You wouldn't believe how handy it is to just fire off a quick message to all or answer a quick question from a parent. 

No phone calls, no emails, no notes...

There's even an App for your phone! Which means that the messages are sent to you like a text message (without parents knowing your number) and you can use ClassDojo on field trips, in the hallway, during assemblies, anywhere really! 

The app even shows you who has read the messages so you know which parents have received your information!

Another great feature is the timer. Always handy to have one at your fingertips!
You can even use the timer for point purposes (ex: "If everyone works quietly for five minutes, you will all receive a dojo point."). 

This program is quick and easy. It is visual and appealing. It allows you to communicate with parents easily. It is a great tool to use!

Until next time...

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