Classroom Reveal

Hi Everyone,
I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! 
Tomorrow is the first day of school and my class is actually READY! 

You have to understand where I'm coming from. 
In the last 5 years, I have moved schools, moved classrooms, changed grades, AND changed themes. 

This is the first time I had minimal classroom prep (if that's even a possibility). 

So here it is! My bright and colorful classroom!!!!

I kept the same theme as last year and tweaked a few odds and ends. 

As you can see, I love three things:


Everything I mean everything has a place and a home. 

Everything and I mean everything is colorful and bright.

AND I have minimal furniture which equals maximum space!

So let's get on with the tour shall we?!?! 

First stop my Word Wall! This is a MUST in any first or second grade classroom and I am lucky enough to have a magnetic Word Wall to boot! 

Next stop, my focus wall!


Here is where students will find the calendar, place value chart, number chart (they refer to that A LOT) schedule, math word wall, anchor charts, sound posters, and well some snapshots of our classroom happenings!

 I also have a pocket chart set up for word families and blends. I will put those up as we review them in the coming weeks. 

REVIEW is a must in September! 

Storage is key and I like to have everything in a labelled basket. 

I got rid of 3 bookcases in order to maximize space. I prefer having tables to allow students to have different work spaces available. In turn, that means that most of my books remain in storage and I change the baskets accordingly.

I also love being able to walk around the room without bumping into everything! 

Finally, having a large space for students to gather for whole group instruction and to move around in during brain breaks is really important to me.

This is the direction in which the students face. The Smartboard at the center of it all, a bulletin board to display work (our Back to School Silly Poems are going up there!), and our data wall. 

I chose to use only one bulletin board to display student work because I love to use the string to hang their work AND we have designated bulletin boards in the hallways too!

Showcasing their work is so important and I do so as much as possible!

The data wall will be used to display class progress in math facts and reading levels. 

As you can see, there is ample space for student gatherings and movement!
There are also two work spaces available (which come in handy).

On the far left you'll find my Theme Word Wall pocket chart. Right now it's filled with Back to School Words! I like to separate the word walls so that students get to move around during writer's workshop AND so that one area of the room doesn't get too crowded. 

The piece below the Smartboard is from Ikea (most teachers probably know this - we know the catalogue by heart!). I store scrap paper and cleaning products in the blue bins.

The following areas are at two opposite ends of the room but are both important!

 I LOOOOOOOVE my hexagonal table. It is constantly being used!
I also love my big windows and nice shelves.

I place the students in pairs for book baskets (according to reading levels of course) because I just don't want to clutter those awesome shelves! We get so much light and open space because of them and I like to keep them as clear as possible!

Of course I have a little designated corner for myself too! 

My desk and my picture wall. Had to add a few personal touches after all. 

I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Be sure to travel with Today, in Second Grade again!

Until next time...

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