Meet the Teacher Night

Hi Friends, 
With Back to School fast approaching so is Meet the Teacher Night!
It's so important to provide parents with as much information as possible.

They need to know what is expected of the students, what you are teaching and how, and most importantly how to contact you. 

This year I will be providing each parent with an information folder. This way they can keep all of the classroom information organized in one place. As I mentioned, I try to provide as much information as possible so that I don't have to answer questions all throughout the year. 

Of course questions do arise and I'm happy to answer them, but this ensures that this is not the only thing I have to do each day! 

This is what I plan to include in the Parent Folder.

My friend Valerie, over at All Students Can Shine, had the great idea of making magnets with her information on it. So I decided to do the same! "Dontcha" just loooooove social media and blogging! 
I get the best ideas from my peers!!! 

This ensures that the parents have the school phone number and my email at easy reach!

 I also include a Welcome Back Letter where I share my excitement of starting a new year and being able to work together. I stress the importance of working as a team from the beginning and advise parents that they can contact me anytime!

I also have a sheet that includes some "housekeeping." 
Just a little info about our class and school procedures and routines. 

Then I share Curriculum Information. This is important and I also include how we reach our goals. 

I discuss the programs we use, assessment strategies, and expectations for Grade 2.
I have samples of workbooks, centers, rubrics (which I also give parents), and Smartboard applications to share with them. I like to give them the experience their children have. 

I also make sure to have all of my technology accounts set up for students prior to the first day of school and Meet the Teacher Night. This way, I can provide parents with usernames and passwords. 
I also like to start everything on the first day to encourage consistency. 

Finally, I allow parents some space to write notes!

I like to place the magnet in a little card slot. 
It looks neat and professional. 
It's a simple process.

First, place the card in the middle and draw four lines at the corners. Make sure to draw the lines away from the edge as it'll be easier to place the magnet in if it's a tighter space. 

Then, use a craft knife to cut slits where you drew the lines. 

Finally, slide the magnet or card into the slot!

I made the magnets over at vistaprint! There are so many options and you can also make other treats for the parents, students, staff, and even a little something for yourself if you'd like!

You can grab a FREE EDITABLE copy of my Parent Folder RIGHT HERE!

Wishing you all a GREAT Meet the Teacher Night and Back to School Season!
Until Next time...

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great ideas! I would love to have the parent folder, but I can't get it to open, It very well could be me or my computer! But here is my email if you would be so kind to send it to me.


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