Back to School (Part 1 - CREATING)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well! 

For some of you, the Back to School rush is almost behind you! Well, for me, it's loooooooming!!! We go back August 25th and the kiddies come in August 31st. 
Here are some things I have been doing to prepare!


I did spend a lot of time this summer lounging in the sun, running around California with some of my best friends, resting, and pool hopping! But I also did some work. We teachers never get a FULL break do we? Creating, planning, and shopping for the new year is always a Summer tradition. 

I found time to create TWO craftivities that I will be using in the first week of school. They will be simple and fun and will make great bulletin boards and displays for Meet the Teacher Night. 

Profiles are something I have incorporated in the past with my kiddies and it is always such a hit!
We read the profiles provided, create one as class, and then the kiddies complete their own!

They are perfect for the first few days of school. It's a great way to get to know your kiddies! 
Let's face it, kids LOVE to talk about themselves!

It includes 4 student profiles, a blank profile for students to complete, writing stationary, a song, spelling helpers, a reading comprehension, templates for both crafts, and 2 trivia activities. 


After we talk about ourselves on the first two days, we will talk about SCHOOL!

Silly Poems are also something I have incorporated in the past with my kiddies and it is always such a hit! I like to cut out the cards and separate them by subject line. Students pick each part of their poem at random. This makes it a lot more fun and oh so HILARIOUS! 

They are perfect for the first few days of school. It's great way to lighten the mood with some fun and laughter. We do know how nervous and quiet the kiddies are on the first few days!

It includes 4 categories for each poem (Student Name, What he/she is Doing, Where he/she is doing it, and Why he/she is doing it), a completed poem to use as a model, a draft poem sheet, a good copy poem sheet, templates for the craft, and a word search. 


I CANNOT wait to complete these two craftivities with my kiddies and I can't wait to blog about it and especially share our silly poems! If you have already purchased and completed these activities I'd love to hear how it went!!!

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I can't say it enough! This was one of the most engaging craftivites I ever did with my kiddies!


The read aloud is loads of fun too!

I completed Magic Crayons last year and it was so magical and fun. I gave the kiddies a few crayons one morning and told them they were magic. They ate it up! 

This pack was so much fun. It includes a color read aloud, black and white read aloud for shared reading, word wall, writing stationary, color information cards and recording sheets, read/write the room, word search, reading comprehension, reading response sheets, color booklet, bingo, spelling, memory, templates to create crafts, and desert, space, ocean, and antarctica information cards.


This is one of my personal faves. 
I had fun creating it and even more fun implementing it in the classroom. 

This is a very fun introduction back to school! 


The read aloud was a hit with the kiddies.

Well there you have it folks! I sneak peek at my BTS packs! 
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!

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Until next time...

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