Friendship and Teamwork

Hey Sweet Friends, 
I'm here to share all about a unit I did a few years back. I chose to do it during Black History Month, but it can easily be completed at any time of the year. 

It's a great way to build a positive community in your classroom during Back to School. 

The premise of this unit is to encourage students to embrace each others differences and accept one another for who they are. It teaches them to be a good friend and to work well with one another.

I start off by reading the book TEAMMATES by Peter Golenbock.

Then we talk about how we should treat others and 
have a serious discussion about respect and kindness.

Then, the students take part in a few fun and simple activities about friendship. 
These activities are fun because many require the students to think about their own friends.
This helps make the experience more personal and meaningful.



Once the students have completed the activities. They write their definition of friendship and/or teamwork and make a craftivity of themselves with a friend. 


Of course, this unit can be completed in any order and the students can write about any topic you choose. It is a great way to promote positive relationships and demonstrate that building each other up is important! A great Back to School activity!

You can check out my Teammates Pack HERE or by clicking on the pictures below!

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