BTS Treats for You!

Hi Everyone!
Back again with some treats for all of you!

A few BTS Freebies to make the return to school a little more fun!

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Here are just a few that can definitely make BTS a little easier...


I spent two years in a rainforest themed classroom. Therefore I needed a Sounds Tree, an Explorer of the Week (little play on Student of the Week), and an inflatable Take Home Monkey Friend!

What fun!
You can grab these freebies by clicking on the pictures above! 

Some staples in my classroom are definitely the Birthday Folder and Portfolios. The Birthday Folder makes our little birthday boys and girls feel special on their day and the portfolio is such a great way to showcase students progress and work.


Click on the pictures to grab these freebies!

As mentioned in previous posts, I am a big fan of the word wall. I think it is an essential tool for ANY classroom and teaches students to become independent writers as well as editors! 

These adjective and verb word walls help my little writers add a little "umph" to their stories. I often challenge them to include 2-3 words from each word wall in order to create a more engaging story.


This last Freebie was loads of fun! It's a great BTS craftivity because it allows students to be a little silly and to open up! They often come in with a few jitters and taking it down a notch with some funny writing really lightens the mood!

One last treat! My store is on sale for one more day! 
More Savings for all of you!!!!

I hope some of these freebies can be useful to you!
Wishing you all a great back to school season!

Until next time...

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