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I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Back to School

This week was our first week back with the kiddies and it would be an understatement to say that I'm EXHAUSTED! I spent all of last week preparing for the students and all of this week getting back into Teacher Mode. An early night is in store for me tonight!

Click on the picture to read my Classroom Reveal post!

2. Hair

I have had dark hair my entire life. Long dark hair (that's not true - I did have a short do once but I grew it out immediately. Thick, wavy hair is hard to manage when cut short). 

A few months ago I decided to dip my toes into coloring my hair. I wanted something understated and no fuss. I did an ombre and loved it. So last week I was a little more adventurous and lightened the ends even more! I love it!!!

Don't you think I look better in the BEFORE photo. Thought so! 

3. Giddy-Up

Next week we will begin a Cowboy theme which will bring us right into the last few days of September. We will celebrate the first month of school with Cowboy day and have us a little party!

I love, love, love everything about these packs! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!


Click on the pictures to check out these packs! And stay tuned for some fun posts about how we're doing down on the ranch! 


Oh dear! When BTS rolls around there is so much to do that I lose track of my friends. My sweet bestie Valerie over at All Students Can Shine and I are having withdrawal! We usually text A LOT and daily. We also see one another at least once a week. The texts are scarce at the moment and we haven't seen each other since work started up again!

Here we are living it up during our Girls Trip in California! 

Can't wait to see her again! And to get back to our normal routine. 
Good thing I work with my other bestie/sister Leslie from First Grade Frenzy because if not I'd be having withdrawal from her too!!

5. Travels

Speaking of vacations. I am getting the itch for more!
I love to travel and luckily I have a few trips lined up this year!!!! 

Here is my collection of trinkets. I love to bring back something from each country I visit (I still get something from each U.S city I visit hehe). It used to be each city but then it got to be a little much! 

I just can't wait to pack my bags again!

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