November Activities

Hi Friends,
I've been spending most of my weekend writing report cards. 

I thought I'd take a break from all that and stop by to let you know what we will be doing this month.

1. Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

We have already started our Remembrance Day/Veterans Day unit
It's been going well and the students are very interested in the subject.

Click HERE to read a blog post all about this unit.

2. Thanksgiving

I live in Canada and we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October but I thought I'd share some of my favorite Thanksgiving packs with my American friends. 

Click on the pictures to check out these packs!

3. Fairy Tales 

Since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in November, I always do a fun theme. It varies each year from cowboys, to circus, and much more. This month my student teacher chose the theme. She's very excited to teach my students all about Fairy Tales. 

Here are some pictures of some of my Fairy Tale units!

4. Setting 

We will be learning about setting in Narrative Writing and Fairy Tales is a great them to use to practice this skill! Castles, beanstalks, caves, and many more places are great settings to describe!

Click on the picture above to check out my Narrative Writing pack!

4. Making Connections 

The last few weeks have been all about meaning in reading response. This month we will begin to make connections to the texts we read. This will be fun because students always like to share their personal experiences!

Click on the picture above to check out my Reading Response pack

5. Math 

Every day we practice subitizing and number sense activities. 


This month we will also be covering Locating Objects on a Space or Plane, Representing Numbers, Counting from a Given Number, and Skip Counting!


It's going to be a fun month in our classroom! Wishing you a great month too!

Until next time...

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