Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

Hi Friends,
Today, in Second Grade we learned all about soldiers.
I think it is very important for students to know about the brave people who work hard to make sure that we are safe and free.

First, we read all about veterans and soldiers.


I displayed the color read aloud on the Smartboard and we read it together. 
I turned this activity into a shared reading lesson by modelling the reading first, reading it together, and then reading it on their own.

Then we talked about describing characters (using our narrative writing Focus Wall). We chose to focus our descriptive writing on personality traits of a soldier. 

We also reviewed some important vocabulary words for this theme. This helped students develop ideas for their own descriptive writing. 

We described soldiers together and then the students set off to describe soldiers on their own. In years past I would simply print the Soldiers are... map and give it to students to complete. 

This year I am trying to promote a more paperless classroom and chose to have the students complete the task on Pic Collage. 

Once they had completed their Pic Collage, students were able to write a paragraph about soldiers. We discussed the importance of variety in our sentences. I did not want each sentence to begin with Soldiers are... So we talked about different ways to write descriptive sentences. 

The students always do a great job of describing soldiers and love to discuss how brave they are. They are also proud to publish their wiring and share it with others.

I always think about my early finishers! They had a great vocabulary activity to complete once they were done publishing their work. I find that this theme has some very rich vocabulary and I like to expose the students to these very important words.

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You can also find my Narrative Writing Focus Wall HERE.

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