Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hi Everyone,
Today, In Second Grade we are in full Halloween mode! 

I thought I'd stop by and share some of the activities we've been doing and will be doing in the next two days! 

This was one of my first craftivities ever and it's a HUGE hit EVERY year with the kiddies. It's just so silly and fun. Stinky Poems are a great way to incorporate some academics into your Halloween fun.  

Profiles are something I started incorporating for holiday activities. I share a profile of a character (name, age, likes, dislikes, description, etc...) and then the students write their own. Once again, It's a great way to incorporate a little reading and writing into a fun day or holiday. This pack comes with 4 profiles and the opportunity for your students to create their own Halloween character profile and craft.

I love monsters and the kiddies do too! This is a fun way for students to practice character description (which is something we work on in the Fall in my class), and be creative with their crafts. I let them go free with their ideas for their monsters. It's always such a success with so many different types of characters created.

If you're looking for some fun and easy ways to incorporate reading and writing into your Halloween celebrations, look no further! These packs are engaging and academic. Click on the pictures to check them out!

Until next time...

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