A little Baking Fun!

So I may have mentioned in previous posts that I am an avid baker! It is quite therapeutic and a great way to demonstrate my creative side! I tend to find any which reason to bake... birthdays, showers, holidays.. I even volunteered to bake, every second month for my schools social committee events!!! I also like to bake with the students, usually as a reward, special occasion... I love to have them bake for parent events! They get a real kick out of eating the cupcakes or cookies their little ones made! Baking or cooking can also make for a great l.a. or math lesson, what with all the recipe reading and writing, as well as all the measuring and counting!

 I thought I would share some ideas with you (recipes not included sorry... don't have that kind of blogging time on my hands!) You can find easy quick recipes on the internet, baking magazines, etc... I'd like to share the more artistic side of my endeavors! I apologize for the emphasis on the holidays, I love to bake for christmas!! Besides it's only 4 months away... hehe

These snowflake cookie cutters are awsome!!! I like to use food coloring, sprinkles and icing pens to decorate.. So easy simply dye the icing with food coloring, buy matching colors for icing pens and sprinkles!! 

These were super cute! Made a regular brownie batter.. used a circular cookie cutter and added a marshmallow (with toothpick), some icing and smarties yumm! Super easy to do with the kiddies and a fun little math activity as well... Patterning!! 

Same concept as the previous picture!

These are delicious! Double cookies. Simply use a circular cookie cutter for both cookies, then make a star shaped whole in one cookie (using a cookie cutter). SMEAR the full cookie with nutella (yumm!!!) and place the star cookie on top!

I also make my own chocolate! I use molds of course! White chocolate can easily be melted and dyed to any color (food coloring!) I also like to experiment with fondant (pink hearts) using different shaped cookie cutters.

These turned out great and were super easy to make! Rolled out some fondant and used cookie cutters to make different shapes and decorate! Also great for the kids (fondant is like edible playdoh!) Great for teaching shapes and colors!

I looooooooooovee this! It's called New Year's Kiss! I can't take credit for this as I found it in a recipe book, however this one is my very own!!! So easy to make... Go to your local Dollar Store and purchase  3 foam spheres. 1 for the inside of the pot, and 2 for the giant balls. Oh and don't forget to bye a pot while your there, and some giant wooden skewers, ribbon, and herseys hugs and kisses! Once you have all that, which will cost you all of 7 dollars, you can cover the spheres with aluminum foil, connect them all together with the skewers and hot glue the chocolates and ribbon on top! Voila! 

As I mentioned before, I love to use icing pens (you can find them at any grocery store) they add color and texture to your baking and are easy to use. 

These thanksgiving turkeys were made by my former students! We made chocolate cupcakes and added some oreo cookies and candy corn! They absolutely loved making these...

There you have it! 
Some artistic, mathematical ideas that can be used in the classroom :) 

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