I'm an organization FREAK!!!

So I may have mentioned that I am a little O.C.D. and despite that I managed to leave my classroom in a state of disarray this afternoon (had to leave right after school!!). Moving on.. My students have many teachers this year (math, l.a., french, etc..) We all have different subject programs and most importantly varying ways to distribute homework (more on that next week!) Soooo, since I'm an organization freak, I have my students put all things l.a. in one place. All students have a "homework baggie" an actual money bag, and bring it back and forth from home each day! Works great and is kinda cute!!! I love it! It keeps me sane.. All I do each morning during homeroom is look in that bag as opposed to going through all the different folders and books they need to bring home for other subjects!! Great time saver and nothing gets lost (almost always!!)

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