My former classroom

Good evening ladies & gents,
            As I have mentioned in past posts, I have transfered to a new school and will be embarking on a second grade adventure! The kiddies are not set to come in for another week or so, which gives me plenty of time to prepare for their arrival! 
With that being said, I must admit to you that my classroom is not quite picture worthy yet. Thus, I am posting some pictures of my former classroom (which is not half as great as my new one!) in hopes to share some ideas with you. 
I will most definitely contribute pictures of my current “second home” as soon as I deem the room acceptable enough to be photographed! Hope you enjoy! 

* The picture of the smartboard displays a classical music video from youtube.The students love to have music playing, while they work. Furthermore, we sometimes would “youtube” videos of ocean sounds (especially in the cold winter) and watch and listen to the waves while we work! They love it,!

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