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Yes, Dear Blogger Friends! You read the Title correctly! I am sooooo cheesy and sooo excited about my classroom, that I made a little video for you! I must begin by telling you a little blogger story! It went down something like this .... Yesterday, I "directed" a wonderful, resourceful, informative, video about my classroom, the setup and materials. I did not realize while "filming" that I babbled on and on for an entire 16 minutes and 43 seconds! I wrote up a cute little post and proceeded to attach my video but of course technology can never really cooperate with me and the video would not upload. Sooo... I didn't want to give up on my video tour (As it was indeed OSCAR worthy!! ) hehe, and decided I would upload the video to youtube and share the link with you. But alas, after 3 hours of downloading the video uploaded and was immediately deleted (apparently because it was too long). I believe the universe is trying to send me a message, that of "Nicole you talk wayyyy too much!" With all that being said, I made a new video today, without much commentary and will proceed to give further information about each center below. Now once again, blogger would not upload my video and so I am attaching a link to youtube with a 4 minute video!

view video here:

Some acknowledgements: for the AMAZING, ADORABLE clipart for the FABULOUS classroom ideas (i.e. celebrity spelling helper) and BEST WORD WALL EVER! You rock Leslie!!! for the super creative and useful resources and ideas.. Most especially, the Cebrity of the Week idea!! Love it!! for the vibrant and creative FREE fonts

My classroom procedures are simple, short, and to the point.. No need to have 25 different rules for the kiddies to follow.. they will never remember them all.. I also model #3 all the time!! The rewards and consequences are also displayed. The students know what the expectations are and what will happen based on their behavior. I review the procedures A LOT!!! Structure and Routine are crucial for a classroom to function.. 

The calendar is paper as I like the students to write the date numerically as well as write the number words. They use different colors to create patterns. They place a straw in the place value chart to represent each day we have been in school. Furthermore, they place an enlarged paper coin in the pocket chart (third photo) to represent how "money" days we've been in school. We also check the weather, and learn a new weather term once a week.

As shown in the video, I have a treasure box filled with prizes. Students visit the treasure box when they complete their sticker chart or read 20 reading log books. I do have a number of cute little treats for them to keep them motivated until the get to go to the box! 

I use a variation of jolly phonics and other sound cards.. The ones pictured are by jolly phonics and a teacher created material that my friend Leslie ( so graciously shared with me.. Isn't she the greatest!! She is a phenomenal teacher and a literacy leader.

Sharing some of my favorite things! the word snappers.. extra material bins (can you believe I found those at target for 2$) what a bargain!! Finally, my home reading program.. I use colors rather than levels (on the labels) in order to ensure that no student feel discouraged. I do tend to have a variation of strengths and weaknesses in reading and feel as though numbers may make some students feel negatively about their own reading. No child should ever feel bad because they are reading a level 1 book while their friend/classmate reads a level 4 book.

So what is in all those baskets you ask? Goodbye rhymes (place by the door, ready for the end of the day) (also a tip from calendar essentials, word wall games, and books on cd... Of course this is only the beginning! I have baskets filled with all kinds of great resources for the students, but if I were to go through them all I'd probably miss the 1st day of school tomorrow!!

I hope you can leave with a few new ideas.. I know I do each time I visit a blog!! Thanks for taking the time to view my post and see you again soon!!!

Need my beauty sleep as tomorrow is my first day with the kiddies!!!!

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