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So... As I keeeeeep mentioning, I transfered to a new school and will be teaching the second grade. I am beyond excited for this new challenge and am becoming a little over the top! All of a sudden all my materials seem boring and outdated. I am making posters, games, word walls, spelling helpers, and much, much more... It's like Santa's workshop over here, with all the velcro, sticky tack, magnets, laminating, cutting, and pasting.. With all that being said, I have made some new resources that may be of interest to you! They are all very cheap or even free (who can resist a freebie!!) and there are pretty much a lot more coming soon. Check it out and enjoy! 

Blends and diagraphs Blackboards (Everyone needs these!!):

Reading Buddies Vowels Posters (FREE!!!!):

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