Snap a Word! My absolute FAVORITE WORD GAME!!!!

Hi again! I would like to share with you one of my favorite l.a. games to play with the kiddies. They absolutely love this kinesthetic approach to learning new sounds!!

“Snap a word” is a fabulous game used to reinforce the knowledge of letter sounds. Students are introduced to a new sound, blend, diagraph, or word ending (i.e. “s,” “br”, “ing”) and are asked to look around the classroom for words that include the sound in question. The teacher may choose one student at a time to walk around the room with a “snapper” (i.e. pointer) and “snap” a word of their choice. The teacher then asks the class to confirm if in fact the word includes the appropriate sound and writes the word on the board. All students proceed to recording the word on the sheet. Students must also write the “sound of the day” in the camera. Repeat the above activity, until the sheet is complete. The activity can be modified for advanced students, by allowing them to come up with words on their own.

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