My New Classroom is almost ready!! FINALLY!!!

Hello All! So my classroom is finally coming together and I thought I'd share a few photos with you! Please take note that my daily 5 posters, jolly phonics sounds, blends, diagraphs, and word endings go up as we go along. We learn a new sound or a new step in Daily 5 and we put up the poster!

This our celebrity of the week corner! I got this FABULOUS idea from Mrs. Carroll ( I love this adaptation of the "Student of the Week" concept. So cute and motivating!

Here are our Classroom Procedures, clearly displayed to ensure we FOLLOW them each day!!! I also have a paper calendar, where the students write the numeric date and the number word. They use different markers to create a pattern. We also have a place value chart and a weather forecast!
The continuation of our calendar corner has a pocket chart where students place coins to display "How Money Days have we been in School?" as well as "Yesterday was.." "Today is.." and "Tomorrow will be.."
Our gathering area, where we have story time, writer's workshop, shared reading and math lessons.

Our math and l.a. baskets, filled with wonderful manipulatives, resources and games! Our bulletin boards are waiting for the students' fabulous work!
Our theme words chart and computer corner!
Magnetic Word Wall and Home Reading Program Baskets!
Classroom Library

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed my classroom as much as I do!


  1. Wow!!! I LOVE your seating arrangement with the round table in the middle. I worked in that class 5 years ago and it did NOT look like this! I'm glad someone was able to turn it around ;)
    Have A GREAT year, my friend! xoxox

  2. Your room looks like a wonderful and fun place to learn. =)

    I thought I had found a new blog today and then realized you had a makeover...I love it! It is very cute! I checked to be sure that I am still following you and I am. I would love for you to come and visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart


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