Celebrity of the Week (FREEBIE!!!!!)

Hello all!
              I hope you had a wonderful Halloween day with the kiddies! I still can't believe how well behaved my students were today, despite all the sugar, excitement and anticipation for this evening. They were absolutely amazing and looked too cute in their costumes! I dressed up as a circus ring master, as to introduce my new theme for November (stay tuned for lots of great circus ideas).
            I am just about to begin my celebrity of the week "activity" with my students and thought that I would share! I "borrowed" the idea from a wonderful blogger Mrs. Carroll over at www.thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com and fell in love with it! You all know by now that I am a huge believer in positive reinforcement and what better way to motivate a child than to honor them for an entire week! The kiddies love to share all about themselves with their peers and teachers. I have always had some adaptation of "Star Student" or "Student of the Week," but this celebrity business is just too cute to pass up!
           I have set up a little "celebrity" corner with a stool, pocket chart, and wonderful scrappindoodle clipart. The pocket chart serves as an area to display the wonderful little sheets I have prepared (and am sharing with you for FREE! Woohooo!!!). The students sit on the stool as they share their information, as well as read their favorite storybook to the class. Take a look at the little "Celebrity of the Week" package I made up. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: Celebrity of the Week Package (free download)
 Take a look at my little corner. Isn't it adorable!?

You can also have a look at Mrs. Carroll's. It's a wonderful space!

She also has some great ideas to your Celebrity of the Week activities! She rocks!!! She should definitely be on the blogger wall of fame! Check it out: Mrs. Carroll's Celebrity of the Week

Take care for now and stay tuned for some great ideas on differentiated instruction in the classroom :)

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