Pumpkin People

Good Evening Everyone,

                        I am on a Halloween Activity Frenzy! My kiddies made the most adorable "Pumpkin People" and I just had to share. It truly is a simple idea and is a great way to teach your students about descriptive paragraphs. I read the students this wonderful storybook:

We discussed the rhyming words and the descriptive words.

I then proceeded to show the students my "Pumpkin Person." I must admit I'm not so proud of this demonstration. I usually place greater effort into making examples for the students but was simply feeling too overwhelmed and rushed with this one!

We followed the activity by writing a class story, and of course brainstormed ideas on our whiteboard. At the moment I am writing down the topics that must be present in their stories on the board for them. Eventually, after many examples and lessons on story mapping, I will expect them to brainstorm on a separate sheet of their own! Here is what we came up with for our story:

Finally, the students were asked to return to their seats and create a "Pumpkin Person" of their own and write a descriptive paragraph about it. They are such a creative bunch!

So there you have it! Adorable and simple! Who can resist a pumpkin activity on Halloween! Stay tuned for my "What do Vampires Eat?" writer's workshop activity.

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  1. Halloween time is my favorite! What great pumpkin activities! I'll have to get that book for my collection :) How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara is a cute one too. You can bring in a pumpkin and have the kids try to guess how many seeds are inside and integrate math! I am excited to see your vampire activity!


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