Snap a Word (Word Work Linky Party!)

Dear Blogger Friends,
                          It's been a while since my last post and I thought I would share my favorite word work activity! Hilary, over  at Rockin Teacher Materials started a Linky Party to share word work activities. I have a fun word game that we play, as a class, or that the students take part in during word work. It's called Snap a Word and consists of the students "snapping" words that have a selected sound. For instance, if you are working on the short "a" sound, students must look around the room and find words that include this specific sound. This is also a great word wall game!

If you would like to diversify the activity from time to time, you can "tickle" a word with a feather. Moreover, you may "light up" a word with a flashlight or simply "point" to a word (using a pointer).
You can find a free template for "snap a word," as well as a more concise explanation at:

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