What Do Vampires Eat?

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                I promised a vampire activity for Halloween and I shall deliver! This is truly the most fun we've had with writer's workshop yet! My kiddies really went all out with this activity, especially the boys! We all know that vampires drink blood, but What Doooo they Eat?!?! Let me tell you, my kiddies had some interesting ideas...

We read the darling little book called "Vunce Upon a Time" about a vegetarian vampire, named Dagmar, who likes to indulge in candy, once in a while (everything in moderation, of course). It is truly the cutest and had a lot of great vocabulary words that could be used for discussion. My students learned about the words: reluctant, inspiration, dawn, etc... 

Upon reading the story, we discussed the setting, main characters, plot etc... This is something my students are becoming great at, as I really insist on asking comprehension questions often! We also wrote a class story about my "display vampire!" Boy, did they ever describe him as having the most disgusting diet EVER! From toe nail soup to "booger" salads! Their creativity floors me and I absolutely love it! Finally, they resumed their seats and began their individual work. The end product is absolutely fabulous! I am so proud of these kiddos, they really out-did themselves!

Have a look for yourself! Tell me these are not the most precious vampires you'll ever meet!

I provided the students with one piece of both red and black construction paper. I also supplied them with a white sheet that included patterns of a face, shoes, hands, ears and fangs (I apologize for not including this in the download, however I am having difficulties scanning the document! Ahhh, the wonders of technology). The students created their own capes, thus the variation in shapes and sizes (which I love).

As you can see the boys had a ball with this activity! I gave them free reign on how "gross" and "disgusting" they could be!

Of course, the girls were quite excited too and some actually out-did the boys in the "yucky" department!

What Do Vampires Eat?

This is Melanie. She likes to eat spaghetti with snakes and rotten eggs with salad. She also likes to eat cheese with worms. She has sharp teeth.

This is a story from a second-language student who has come a very long way in her writing! Just another reason why writer's workshop ROCKS!

You can download the bat stationary below


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  2. This is adorable. We've included a link to it on our page of BEST HALLOWEEN KIDS BOOKS, since it's such a great activity to do with this fun book!


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