Digging in the Sand

Good Morning Everyone,
It's been a week since I've last blogged and I've missed you all so much! I can only imagine that you must all be going through the same busy, hectic, crazy schedule as I am and probably haven't had much time to blog either! There are exactly 14 school days left for us and I am getting quite excited to welcome summer vacation! Lots of great stuff planned for my vacation time!!!! Of course, I will be planning for next year as well (which is also exciting!). 

As mentioned in previous posts, we have completed an ocean theme and are now at the beach! We are working on a reader's theater production and updating our writing folders. The parents will be coming in for a fun day of theater and portfolio revisions. They have also been invited in on the last day of school for a picnic! While we prepare for these wonderful events, we have been turning our classroom into a veritable beach! 

Here is our latest addition...

The kiddies went digging in the sand and you wouldn't believe the things they found to put in their pails! Flowers, Legos, crabs, shells, ice cream, broken umbrellas... What an imagination...

I simply printed the templates on card stock, cut them out and let the kiddies trace them onto constructions paper. 

Grab yourself some free templates!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole


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