Christmas Fun!

Hi Everyone, 
We had the most exciting week! We are all full of Christmas spirit!
First, we began our week with some bad news, Santa is on strike this year!
Well, I'll tell ya, my kiddies sure had fun with this idea and created some very nice stories about how Santa was fed up, tired, and (let's not forget) all the cookies were making him sick! 

The kiddies wrote some amazing stories about Santa on Vacation!

Oh my goodness, these are just too delicious! I love them! Santa taking sun, Santa drinking lemonade, Santa surfing! These kids are amazing!

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Today, we had just as much fun learning all about Santa's reindeers. I told the kiddies that I was sent a mysterious package from the North Pole and inside there were profile cards for all the reindeers. We read all about them and placed them on the board in order from least to greatest (based on the reindeer ages!! Hehe!). My kiddies were so amazed and excited!!! 

Then, we wrote up a profile for a new reindeer. 

Finally, the kiddies made their own! Too cute, I tell you!

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Happy Holidays!

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  1. These packs all look great! Have you read the book, "Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation"? It's really cute and would compliment your Santa who takes a vacation. :)

    Granny Goes to School


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