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Good Morning my Dear Cyber Friends, 
It has been some time since I last wrote to you and I apologize for this! Each time I think things might slow down a little, they just get crazier! I'm sure I am not the only person who is feeling this way, especially during this time of year! The time of year is precisely the reason why I am posting about an important subject today. It is dear to my heart and I hope you can take the time to read this post fully. As we all know, this is the time for giving and thinking of others. Some of my students, colleagues, and I have really taken into account the fact that many are not as fortunate as us and I would like to share with you a very important initiative that we are proud to be a part of. 

It all started when a few sixth grade students, a very special colleague and I went to WEDAY, this past November. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this initiative, it is concert of sorts that brings together motivational speakers, performers, and most importantly youth. Craig and Marc Kielburger have made it their mission to help the less fortunate, and most importantly educate youth about poverty and what they can do to help make changes in the world. These passionate men have an incredible story that stems from when Craig was only twelve years old. Now, seventeen years later, Free the Children is making great strides in helping children all around the world. It has become an international charity and involves over 1.7 million youth! 

There is nothing more powerful than young students who demonstrate passion and dedication towards a project, and this organization is well worth the hard work. In order to empower students, Free the Children has designated a day to celebrate children and their involvement in charitable work. WEDAY is a spectacular event that takes place in many cities and inspires youth and adults alike to make a difference and help those in need. I can attest to the fact that this day has ignited a fire within me, my colleague and the seven wonderful young ladies who have made it their goal to help others. I am so proud of their devotion and passion for this great cause and am astounded with what they have achieved in so little time. I can only imagine what they will be able to do in just a few years time. 

I would like to share some of the more memorable moments of WEDAY with you, in hopes of sparking some interest and passion of your own. 

The symbol for Free the Children is From ME to WE. If we turn the M in the word me upside down we create the word WE.

The founder and cofounder of the organization. Craig and Marc Kielburger. Their passion is compelling and infectious.

Spencer West, a motivational speaker who lost his legs. He climbed Kilimanjaro and talks of 
"Possible Redefined"

Lieutenant-General Roméo Antonius Dallaire who told the students that they are the generation without borders. He told them to buy a pair of boots and go to far away impoverished lands, to feel, smell, and understand the hardships others endure. He said to come back and put those boots under the bed and to never forget what was experienced and who they have become because of it. 

Liz Murray, who went from being homeless to Harvard and talked about how people in her community gathered together to help her. She spoke of one woman who couldn't afford to give her food or money and thus insisted upon doing her laundry. She said that this woman stated that 
"Although not everyone can do anything, everyone can do something" 

Molly Burke, a young woman who spoke profoundly about her struggles with bullying. She was left alone in a forest with a broken ankle. She is a blind woman who made it through this difficult experience and has made it her mission to give a voice to those who do not have one. 

These are only few of the very influential speakers who presented at WEDAY. My students were extremely moved by their stories and have been changed ever since.

I urge you to watch this video and click on the Free the Children link below in order to see how you can get involved with this organization.  Read their story and see how you can help. There are so many ways to create change and you wouldn't believe how simple and reasonable it is to make a huge impact on someone's life. It is absolutely incredible!

The first initiative my students took on was the penny drive. 
It is called the WE CREATE CHANGE campaign and 25$ worth of pennies will ensure that someone receives clean water for the rest of their life. 

My students have also decided to make hand made Holiday Cards and sell them. All proceeds will go to Free the Children. Have I mentioned how proud I am of these wonderful young ladies!

I must say, they have quite a knack for this and are making some beautiful cards. 

In the spirit of giving, I hope you take the time to visit the FREE THE CHILDREN website and perhaps even make a small donation to help change a life. You may also want to see how your students and school can get involved with this wonderful organization.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I truly appreciate it!
Happy Holidays to you all!

Ms. Nicole

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