Sale, Sale, Sale! And some New UNITS!!

Happy Sunday Everyone, 
I have been missing in action for some time. It has been hectic, but things are finally starting to slow down. Just wanted to stop by and talk about my excitement over the fast approaching Holiday Season and of course to let you all know that I will be taking part in the TpT sale on
 Monday and Tuesday.  

Here are just SOME of the units I have been working tirelessly on in the last few weeks. These will all be included in the sale along with the rest of my store!

Students will create a recipe for Santa's favorite cookie
Students will write about mischievous elves who are having a pajama party 
Students will create a profile for a new reindeer in town
Santa is on strike! Students will write about Santa on vacation
You can also get all four of these activities in my Bundle Pack!

Happy Shopping!
Ms. Nicole

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