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Hello Everyone,
Yesterday, our school had an awesome time promoting physical activity. I am a part of the Healthy School Committee and took part in a great initiative to encourage students to stay active during recess and playtime. We have many students who enjoy playing sports such as, soccer and basketball, however many of our students wander around the yard with "nothing to do." We mostly wanted to cater to these students but also show our athletes that they can play other games at recess too. 

We have many games that are painted on the playground, however students are not familiar with the rules and procedures. Many of these games are childhood favorites of mine and my colleagues. Do four corners, hopscotch, and elastics ring a bell?!?! Well, you wouldn't believe it, but most of the kiddies have no idea how to play these wonderful games! Enter the Healthy School team and we've now got many students who are great fans of these simple and fun games. 

The students took part in a sportsmanship assembly and we're introduced to The Team. We explained that we would be wearing funny hats outside and would be teaching new games. We then went outside at recess and animated the games, teaching students the rules and cheering them on along the way. They had so much fun and even asked when we would do this again!

1/3 of our Healthy School Committee!

We have decided to do this once a month and shall teach games according to season (as winter approaches, our yard will be full of snow). Another component to this project is to train senior students to become animators as well. The goal is to have older students engaging their peers and younger counterparts in games. 

We are hoping that this endeavour will motivate students to become more active, interact with one another, learn new games and most importantly have a positive and enjoyable recess.

Here's to healthy and active students!
Until next time...

Ms. Nicole xo

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  1. What a cool idea! It's interesting how we take for granted the games we knew as a child - how many kids today play games such as "Kick the Can" or "Capture the Flag"???

    Please stop by my blog - I've nominated you for an award! :)

    Adventures In Second Grade


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