Thanksgiving Fun!

Hey everyone, 
I gotta say, I really love daylight savings time! I woke up at my usual "work" time this morning but didn't feel the habitual exhaustion and lack of motivation to get up! So happy! WE are an early school and I gotta say, it was rough getting up in the dark these last few weeks (it was also rough being at school when it's still dark out!).

As I've mentioned before, I love Fall and so I have created a few activities to celebrate the season! My kiddies are loving my "Jump in the Leaves Craft."

And, of course my kiddies had a great time, back in October, making these funny little turkeys! 

 Grab them right over HERE and HERE!

I'm starting a Fairy Tale theme with the kiddies this week! Can't wait!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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